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MIM manufactured guarantees precise dimensions with built-in prescription and precents fracture at the body or base junction

The features

Shorter integrated hooks are available on 3, 4 and 5.

Identification made during the manufacturing process permits at all time to recognize the bracket.

Rounded bracket for better patient comfort.

MazeTM anatomical base design offers increased bond strength and easier positioning.

The self ligating molar tube facilitates the placement of archwire horizontaly, thanks to his sliding gate.

The self ligating molar tube improves patient comfort and provides the possibility to ligate especially “ligature in 8”.

Under tie-wings was enhanced for easy placement of ligature and power chain.

Low profile bracket, slot closer to the tooth, and point of resistance for better torque control.

Easy opening with GENIUS DRIVER to reduce chairside time

Ref : PEI.8001040

See how to use the instrument in the video just above.